Getting Un-Stuck & Finding your Flow


Have you ever felt stuck and demotivated? Sometimes, to get out of a rut we need more than just a push.

If you have experienced a flow state, I probably don't need to explain to you that the productivity and fulfillment you can experience when operating in this space can be life changing. 

What is a Flow State? 

Some describe it as being in "the zone". In Positive Psychology, a flow state is usually described as a state of heightened focus where there is a positive energy and full enjoyment in whatever activity or process you are involved in. Some say people forget or disregard their need to eat, drink, or sleep in the flow state. 

My own personal definition of a flow state shares some of these qualities, but is also much more. For me, it is a phase where it feels like doors you didn't even know existed start opening up in a seemingly serendipitous sequence. And you “just know” when they open, they are meant for you to walk through. In this flow state, you feel energy of purpose and everything you do is with intention. It encourages a level of listening to the "whispers" around you, shifting you to a mindset of possibility vs limitations. 

What a Flow State Is Not

Flow is not to be confused with hyperfocus. For example, a Netflix binge is not considered a flow state. Another example of hyperfocus is if you are spending countless hours on one task due to anxiety or an attempt to perfect it, while sacrificing the bigger picture of your project. 

5 Tips for Finding Your Flow State:

  1. Get intentions out of your head and into the universe. Whether you’ve set your intention on paper, face-to-face in confidence, or in a public Facebook post, this will make it real and set things into motion.
  2. Make your intention CLEAR and stated in the POSITIVE. This means be as specific as possible and clear enough so even a stranger would understand.  Example: "I want to make $100k in 2018 by attracting 150 new clients."
  3. Listen. I mean really listen. Start to analyze your inner thoughts and what you hear from others through a lens of POSSIBILITY. Instead of judging or falling victim to limiting beliefs, be open to accepting the opportunities. 
  4. Find your creative zone. Find an environment where you can clear your mind of emotion and access your inner resourcefulness. For some, this is a quiet place at home. For others, it is in nature or near water. Maybe it is after meditation or exercising. Wherever it is, be deliberate about carving out the space to work on creating your success plan. 
  5. Gain Clarity of Your Strengths and Values. An exercise in self-awareness helps to filter the opportunities through a sharper lens that isn't distorted by other's conflicting external values. Speaking to someone, like a coach, can help you apply structure and hear the most important insights out loud. 

If you're feeling stuck, I challenge you to start by choosing one action from the above list that might help bring you a step closer to your "zone". 

If you have experienced a flow state, I'd love to hear about it. Comment below or send a direct message on social media and we can continue this dialogue...