Dialogue - What’s with the Name?


I have had some people confuse what I do because of the title of my company. So, for those of you curious about where the title came from, here is your answer:

"Dialogue does not require people to agree with each other..."

There is a book I’ve read called Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership. I had the privilege to call the author of this book my teacher for a brief moment in 2008, and again when I re-read the book over 8 years later.  In Synchronicity, the author Joseph Jaworski writes, "Dialogue does not require people to agree with each other. Instead, it encourages people to participate in a pool of shared meaning that leads to aligned action." To me, this is the essence of coaching. It is a reminder not to judge, and to be open to finding the best solutions. When we lower our egos and agendas, we allow a true dialogue to unfold with the use of thoughtful, powerful questions. It encourages us to listen from a whole new level because we are in the presence of mind to truly understand vs simply respond.  

Dialogue Opens Possibility 

Sometimes we think of a dialogue as a back and forth discussion. The ancient definition of the word translates to "the flow of meaning," which beautifully describes how a coaching session should feel to my clients. Dialogue, in its essence, enables one to open their mind to possibilities. When our ego is being challenged, we revert to an emotional state or an "either/ or" mentality. The latter type of thinking inhibits our creativity as it discourages us from generating solutions. When we are not judging, and there is space to hear our own dialogue, we are relaxed and alert. It is in this state that we are inclined to use our future-focused neo cortex or "thinking brain" to lead us to clarity and our best solutions. 

So, there you have it. That's the meaning behind the name. In a nutshell, dialogue opens our minds, so that connections with others can become truly aligned in a way where almost anything is possible. 

Send a message or comment via social media and tell me how you might take action to opening up possibilities in your own life!

Jasleen Sidhu Deved