Honey Method

Dialogue’s Signature Program

“You’ll attract more opportunity with honey than you will with vinegar.” ;-)

Have you ever felt:

  • Impatient with your business or career growth?

  • You wish marketing yourself or your business wasn’t as issue so you could focus on what you’re good at and love doing?

  • Like an imposter or that you need to “play a part” to market yourself or your business?

  • Distracted by comparing yourself to others, wondering, “what is their secret”?

  • Overwhelmed by all the things you could, should, or even would be doing if you could just get to that next level or phase of your career or business?

  • Stretched thin by trying to be the perfect partner, parent, contributor, leader, etc, etc?

  • That attracting the people who will buy your products or hire you for what you can offer should be way easier?

 Well, then you can exhale a deep sigh of relief because you’re in the right place.

There’s an epidemic of unnecessary busyness going on. Jasleen helps you deal with the busy-ness so you can get down to bus-i-ness. And she works with you to build upon your unique strengths and passions to authentically attract the people that will help you grow your career or business.

Below is a sneak peek of the outline of the program:

Dialogue's HONEY Method.png


The HONEY method stems from the belief that when you stop hustling and start attracting with purpose, you will not only reach, but exceed your goals with greater ease.

Dialogue’s exclusive HONEY Method can be used to attract:

  • Clients, customers, business prospects, employers

  • The right team members

  • Collaborators, Influencers, and Mentors

What if you focused on making your “honey” so sweet that everything else became easy and your confidence soared. Think: no more wasted time taking course after course, procrastinating, or over-thinking each decision. Plus, the need to compare to others simply fades away.

And while we’re working on attracting, we’ll also be uncovering hidden blockers, limiting beliefs, optimizing your time and focus, and building a strategic plan to grow your career and/ or business.

Sound too good to be true? I thought you might say that. Sign up below for a free 30 min discovery session (Dialogue Insiders only) and find out for yourself. We’ll create a “big picture” view of all the elements required for success, identify gaps and pinpoint the areas that will have the biggest impact on your personal growth and entire life. Everyone’s actions stemming from this exercise look different because we start where you are, instead of forcing you to follow a blueprint. I’ve opened up my calendar from now until December 1st…. but space is limited, so grab a spot while you can!

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