I Started a YouTube Channel - Passion on Purpose

Dear Readers (especially my Dialogue Insiders who have stuck with me these past 2 years!),

I am so excited to announce that I have started a YouTube Channel!

It’s called Passion on Purpose, because I believe that it is not only possible, but practical, to have a fulfilling career we love— as long as we do so with purpose!

I promise to create valuable content using my 10 years of HR experience, Psychology and coaching know-how plus make it as comprehensive and entertaining as I possibly can.

Bear with me as I leave my comfort zone and get confident being authentic on camera. And please do offer feedback and topic ideas.

Below is the pilot episode where I give an intro to what started it all. Please do share, subscribe, comment, like— all the things!

I want to create a community of passionate women who are committed to changing the way we work while changing the world… on our own terms!

I’ve already filmed the first 3 episodes and episode #2 touches on a sensitive topic we don’t talk about openly. The more engagement I get, the more I can continue to shed light on these issues and support positive change. So help me continue this dialogue!

So here it is, the pilot episode! If you’re not already one, become a Dialogue Insider so you receive new episodes right to your inbox.